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Park Buddy

The “Park Buddy” is the result of a ubiquitous computing project I did together with three other students at Umeå University in 2015.

This device is meant to be an affordable solution to easily monitor and manage a public or private park. A  key design feature is the autonomy of the Park Buddy, this is paramount if the system is going to be usable in the real world.

The result of the project is what considers to be a remarkably well working prototype that clearly illustrates the underlying concept and vision behind the Park Buddy.

It uses opencv (open source computer vision) to detect and track faces and colors from a webcam input.
It then uses this information in order to send directions to an Arduino Uno that controls the movement of the park buddy.
The Arduino  also control various different sensors to interpret context in the environment.

To send information to the park keeper or specific guest in the park , the park buddy uses a directional speaker ( Soundlazer ).

The main usage of the Park buddy is:

  • Keeps trespassers out of restricted areas.
  • programmed to work 24/7
  • Separates guests from personell
  • Can sens soil humidity to help with watering.


Click here for code and more information about the Park buddy



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