Baitboxbomben – My idea of the perfect lure


Baitboxbomben is a 12g fishing lure made out of tin that I’ve been producing on my spare time.

The idea came during one of our many fishing trips up in the Swedish mountains.
When looking down in to my tackle box, none of the lures in there were in their basic design. Almost everyone had been given some kind of tweek (eyes, hooks, spinnerblades, coloring tape etc), and I thought: Hey, If I’m not satisfied with what the market has to offer, why not make my own lure from scratch, just the way I want it?

And so I did!

For the 2017 collection I put a lot of money and time into streamlining the production line. I started by translating my physical master of the lure into a 3D model by using 3D-scanning, and manual 3d-modelling.  From the 3D design I then had an industrial grade mould made using advanced CNC-milling technology.

The process for painting and clear coating the lures have also been refined by the help och custom made 3d-printed and laser-cut parts.

This video is a short summary of how this new 2017-collection of baitboxbomben vas made.


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