Ytspä is a project I did just for fun. I wanted to try out some techniques regarding javascript , Instagram feeds and php. It’s like a fan page for the natural phenomenon of Surface Tension (Ytspänning in Swedish).   Fun right?  😄   Go check it out -> Ytspä


Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator is an easy to use Android app I put together the night before a trip to USA in 2016. It calculates how much tip to give to the waiter based on what percentage you chose, it’s as easy as that.

Move Shoot Kill Repeat

Move Shoot Kill Repeat

Move Shoot Kill Repeat is an Anti tower defense game I , together with four other students, developed in a Java application course at Umeå University. The game is made in Java using Swing. And you play by buying troopers using the buttons in the bottom part of the window. Troopers have different price and different […]

affish vk-geni

Vk Geni

Vk-geni is a news based quiz application developed for Västerbottens Kuriren (VK) in Umeå, Sweden. The application contains of two separate systems. An admin platform for entering and editing questions and a quiz client for reading questions, presenting them to a player and keeping track of scores. The questions are based on current events and news […]



MSGBRO is a Ruby on Rails app I did together with a friend for a school project. Msgbro is an easy to use messageboard for posting messages and discussing different topics with other users. wanna check it out? just click the link below  

my maps short

My Maps

“My Maps” is an android project I did during a course in App-development. My Maps is an app where the user can take an image of a map of any kind and then geographically place that map image onto a Google map. The phones GPS can then be used in order to get the device’s current location […]

open cv face tracking robot

Park Buddy

The “Park Buddy” is the result of a ubiquitous computing project I did together with three other students at Umeå University in 2015. This device is meant to be an affordable solution to easily monitor and manage a public or private park. A  key design feature is the autonomy of the Park Buddy, this is paramount if the system […]


Baitboxbomben – My idea of the perfect lure

Baitboxbomben is a 12g fishing lure made out of tin that I’ve been producing on my spare time. The idea came during one of our many fishing trips up in the Swedish mountains. When looking down in to my tackle box, none of the lures in there were in their basic design. Almost everyone had been […]

work pebble

The Work Pebble

The Work pebble is an Arduino based device that helps you to take breaks during the work day. Instead of having a timer and an alarm that goes of when it’s “time” for a break, The work pebble charges and becomes happy when you move and deteriorates and become sad when you don’t. Therefor if you […]