About me

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My name is Simon Ekdahl and I’m a Maker.

I live i Umeå – Sweden, where I’m currently working as a UX designer and developer at Codemill AB .

I’m 28 years young, I love smart ideas, practical solutions and tech of all kinds.
I’m also a big fan of nature and I love to go mountain biking or fishing when I get some time over!

UMEÅKARTA sundvall sthlm

I grew up in Sundsvall where I have spent most part of my life. I started working right after I graduated from Sweden’s equivalent to high school.  I’ve been working my way through the retail business gaining much valuable experience about things like customer relations and sales. I’ve also worked in logistics and as a bike mechanic in our neighboring country Norway for a few seasons.

After five years of working hard and learning a whole lot of different things, I felt that I wanted more for myself and I decided to go back to school and higher education.

~ This was back in 2013 ~

Since then I have started up my own business (Baitbox) , been part time volunteering at the maker space Fablab in Umeå, I have reached one million views on YouTube (Yes I’m also a film maker), and then after 4,5 years at UMEÅ university I got my degree of Master of Science in Engineering with the specialization on interaction technology and design as well as a bachelor degree in computing science.

Short story of my life !

If you want to know more about me and the things I do, be sure to check out my portfolio, Linked In, YouTube or just send me an email !